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It brings out the best and the worst in the guys and those around them.” In a sit down on TBN, he shared his story. But what he says really drew him in was the preacher talking about the necessity of having a personal relationship with Jesus.You can learn what changed his life in the first seven minutes of this video. We’re keeping our eyes peeled but he seems like he could be a good dude.She studied criminal justice at Illinois State University before dropping out to pursue her first love. She was hired as a backup singer for R&B star Monica for a tour.Before long, Williams reached new heights of musical success. Sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly that Michelle Williams and author Jonathan Safran Foer are dating.“They knew each other through mutual friends,” one insider says of the Brooklyn-based pair. ” PHOTOS: Michelle Williams on Broadway Indeed, the that her love of books was “consuming, or isolating, I guess.” She even admitted she had “walls in my apartment made of books." Adds the insider: “They’re two people in the same mind-set." Safran Foer, 38, who wrote , was previously married to fellow author Nicole Krauss, with whom he split in 2014. And Williams famously dated Jason Segel, Spike Jonze, and the late Heath Ledger."When three good girlfriends are together, you're free and you don't care who's around; you're just trying to catch up and be goofy.She was born Tenitra Michelle Williams on July 23, 1980 in Rockford, Illinois.

Williams has released several solo albums as well, including 2008's Born on July 23, 1980, performer Michelle Williams started singing in her church choir.She was recommended to Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland who were looking for someone to join their hit group, Destiny's Child. Williams enjoyed more success with Destiny's Child in 2001, with their release In February 2013, Williams once again garnered international attention when she reunited with Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland at Super Bowl XLVII, taking to the stage with her former band mates during Beyoncé's impressive halftime show.soundtrack, was the first song she recorded with the group. Williams described the experience as a "beautiful thing" to . Johnson said: “Anything as it relates to their personal life. I am walking with them.” He added, “I don’t want anyone to feel excluded. A few months later, his father was in legal trouble because of drug problems. And he said God used athletics to preserve his life. He’s worked as the chaplain for several sports franchises, including the Arizona Cardinals, the L. Dodgers and the learned that as chaplain, Johnson provides one-on-one meetings with players, Bible studies, pre-game and post-game prayer, morning devotions, couples counseling and fellowship meetings with families. We had almost a “Leave it To Beaver” type family.” Then when he turned 13, his parents said that they were getting a divorce.

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Raised in a Christian family, Michelle developed a close bond to her faith as a child and decided to join the church choir, a career starter that she never thought would bring her a big promise.

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