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Hint: ----- Submitted by: [P9S]IEat Grey Foxes Get a car that isn't an ambulance, taxi or police and drive around [slowly] until you find a woman who comes and looks into your car a few times.

Soon after she has done this, she will get into the car with you. The car will rock, you will get health [up to 125] and you will lose money.

Bullet Proof Patriot: -------------------- This vehicle can be obtained after completing the "Marked Man" mission from Ray.

Bullet Proof Securicar, Explosion Proof Securicar: ------------------------------------------------ You can obtain a BP securicar in the "Van Heist" mission from Joey Leone.

Hints: ------ Submitted by: Big Kausik Easy Tank Money: ---------------- Get 2 tanks, anyway you want to, and then simple ram one tank with another, your funds will go through the roof.

typing "ohhmygod"(Submited by chris) will not do anything!Make you own radio Station: --------------------------- You can copy some of your Mp3 music into the "mp3" folder found in the game when you start the game you will have a new radio station called "mp3 player" which playes your music.Bullet Proof Barracks OL: ------------------------ This vehicle can be obtained when playing the "Arms Shortage" mission from Ray. During the mission, the Bobcat that has the mission packages is BP/EP/FP. Don't worry about the rest of the packages, as the game will generate another bobcat in town.Bullet Proof/Explosion Proof/Flame Proof Cheetah: ---------------------------------------------- This vehicle can be obtained in the "Turismo" mission from El Burro.

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