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Sex and money essay

A benefit to heterosexual society of gay marriage is the fact that the commitment of a marriage means the participants are discouraged from promiscous sex.This has the advantage of slowing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which know no sexual orientation and are equal opportunity destroyers.Indeed, one of the most frequent complaints of older gay men is that it is almost impossible to find quality single men to get into a relationship with, because they're already all 'taken!' If you attend any gay event, such as a Pride festival or a PFLAG convention, you'll find this to be true.Sex is a means of expressing that love, just the same as it is for heterosexuals.Being gay is much more profound than simply a sexual relationship; being gay is part of that person's core indentity, and goes right the very center of his being.There are also a lot of stereotypes about gay relationships, and even a great deal of misunderstanding of what marriage itself is all about.

The long-standing, but increasingly obsolete stereotype has it that gays are promiscuous, unable to form lasting relationships, and the relationships that do form are shallow and uncommitted. But the important fact to note is that just like in straight society, where such relationships exist, they are a small minority, and exist primarily among the very young.Homosexuals are forbidden the safeguards that others enjoy or may seek without constraint" Ask just about anyone. support gay marriage, far less than those who are otherwise supportive of legally enforced gay rights (about 75%).They'll all tell you they're in favor of equal rights for homosexuals. They'll all say, yes, gays should have the same rights in housing, jobs, public accomodations, and should have equal access to government benefits, equal protection of the law, etcetera, etcetera. And that's when all this talk of equality stops dead cold. This means that many of the same people who are even passionately in favor of gay rights oppose gays on this one issue. It's because there is a lot of misunderstanding about what homosexuality really is, as well as the erroneous assumption that gay people enjoy the same civil rights protections as everyone else.Many make valuable contributions to their communities, serving on school boards, volunteering in community charities, and trying to be good citizens.In doing so, they take full advantage of their relationship to make not only their own lives better, but those of their neighbors as well.

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They're loyal to their mates, are monogamous, devoted partners.