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Dating a gibson sg standard

However, Standards featured a cherry-red sunburst finish.

These guitars were priced higher than the Goldtop models, but lower than the Customs.

He hand-built a solid-body prototype called "The Log", often suggested as the first solid-body Spanish guitar ever built.

"The Log" was given its name from the pine block running through the middle of the guitar whose width and depth are a little more than the width of the fretboard; conventional hollow guitar sides or "wings" were added for shape.

For 1961, the Les Paul was redesigned into what is now known as the Gibson SG.

This design continued as a separate guitar when the traditional single cutaway, carved top bodystyle was re-introduced in 1968.

Although numerous other prototypes and limited-production solid-body models by other makers have since surfaced, it is known that in 1945–1946, Les Paul had approached Gibson with "The Log" prototype, but his solid body design was rejected.

The Custom did not appear on the market for another two years following the introduction of the Goldtop; it is possible that Gibson had planned a full model range of guitars (with a roll-out over the course of several years) at the time when initial specifications were being set.In reaction to market demand, Gibson Guitar president Ted Mc Carty brought guitarist Les Paul into the company as a consultant.Les Paul was a respected innovator who had been experimenting with guitar design for years.At this time, Gibson instruments were marketed toward an older, jazz-oriented audience rather than young burgeoning guitarists.As a result, over the three-year period of production, only c. These Les Pauls were considered to be too heavy and old-fashioned, and they initially did not find favor amongst guitarists.

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