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EFT is the most effective method of couples therapy with results that last.EFT helps couples to identify the negative cycle that catches them and leads to disconnection and hurt rather than the connection and closeness they want.

Grey himself, or you may choose to take part in a group setting with other couples. In the Private One-on-One Retreat, you and your spouse get the benefit of having Dr. There is no sharing with other couples so you can get right into the issues that brought you to him without having to listen to other couples share or any of the other usual things that go on in group settings.At Thrive Couple & Family Counseling, couples counseling is our passion!Call 303-513-8975 today to get started, or, book your appointment now using our easy scheduler: Schedule Appointment All of Thrive’s relationship therapists use the research-based couples counseling method called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).They offer three different intensives for you to choose from when you are trying to decide what is best for your specific needs: (2) day intensive (3) day intensive (4) day intensive You choose the amount of time with the help of a trained counselor who will speak with you for your initial interview to decide two things.The first thing you will decide together is whether or not the program can work for you and your spouse.

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